Mr. Vijay Matani

Director of SSOE

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to Sai School Of Excellence. Sai school of Excellence is conceptualized and operated by a dynamic and visionary Management. The management aims to explore innovative and path breaking methods of education to make learning a passion and true joy for your children. We aim to offer an enriching educational environment that will play an instrumental role in the all round development of your child, making him/ her capable to lead a successful and rewarding life in the future.

As a parent, you aspire to provide best education for your child, with a deep -rooted foundation built of skills and enduring values. At The SSOE, we respect this feeling and strive to provide a learning environment that inspires children to reach their full potential.

Hence, Sai school of excellence aims to come up with dynamic, innovative and muti-faceted educational methodology to redefine the way we nurture talent and shape young minds as the most competent and responsible citizens of the future world.