Our Activities

Upliftment of team spirit

  • (a) Projects: Projects are conducted to reinforce the learning in different topics associated with the subjects. This aims to portray the concept in a clear manner.
  • (b) Curiositi: Curiositi makes the learning effective, helps in building the team spirit and develops in depth knowledge of the subject.
  • (c) Quiz and debate: It encourages the children to develop their speaking skills. It boosts their morals in an interactive session.
  • (d) Craft Work: The most enjoyable thing which children love to do. This not only boosts creativity but also gives incredible opportunities to express themselves in their unique way. Crafting a master piece gives them asense of achievement and later on leads to gain an understanding of their future educational choices.
  • (e) Educational Trips: Enhances the team building spirit. It enables the children to get the real exposure and helps to create interest in the subject .The actual fact helps them to orient in their future growth in their liking for a particular subject.

Enactment Skills

  • (a) Role Plays and Dramas: Helps the child to come out of stage fear. It helps to improve their speaking skills and develops the liking for the language and gives them a chance to exhibit their hidden talent which intern helps in their future growth.
  • (b) Trinity Classes: : It is related to spoken English class .It enables a child to develop their speaking skills and gives them a platform to speak. It enables the child to construct the sentences on their own and encourages them to participate in the role plays.

Explore the world through smart classes

  • (a) Cordova educational interactive class : Smart classes have made the subjects quite interesting. The smart classes makes the subject more clear and develop the liking for the subject . The pictorial facts helps the child to understand the subject in an easy manner.
  • (b) NIIT IT Wizard Application: : Students are nurtured with the NIIT online application. It helps in developing computer skills and enables to connect with the Hi-Tech world. They get exposure to the wide applications being used in our day to day life.

Sports and Sportsman Spirit

  •  Karate
  •  Gymnastics
  •  Skating
  •  Football
  •  Cricket
  •  Chess/carom
  •  Lezim
  •  Dumbles

Events and Socio Gathering

  •  Father’s day
  •  Garbha  celebration
  •  Funfair Exhibition
  •  Annual Gathering